Thursday, 13 June 2013

Call the Fashion Police!

I am a woman on a mission.  I have committed my cardinal sin and my mission is to rectify this.  Let me explain. Years ago when my friend had her first baby, her dress sense completely changed.  She went from a mini skirt loving gal (and at 6ft tall, there was wasn't much skirt against those lovely giraffe-like legs) to a jeans and polo shirt clad mamma.  She of course was quite happy, and that is the main thing, but I swore I would NEVER become the jeans and t-shirt mum.

Roll forward to today, and what do I wear?  Yes, you've guessed it jeans and t-shirts.  Now I really don't blame the children for this change in my style (although I do hold them responsible for the loss of my waist), nope.  It all started when I began working from home.  Our house is old and cold, (especially as my office is my loft!) and I was rushing around doing the school run, dropping off work, collecting work, ferrying children to their activities, etc.  And it was just easier to throw on my jeans.  But I am sick, so so sick of wearing my uniform of jeans and T-shirts.  So my mission is to smarten my wardrobe.  The only thing is I've kind of lost sight of what suits me.

So I made a croquis as advised Threads (and didn't like what I saw, but hey ho) but still didn't really know what to do.  I then stumbled across the blog .  Ignore the fact that it is aimed at the over 40's as there are some great style tips and hints.  It led me to a calculator which has determined that I am a rectangle or banana (?!) and that I have long legs/short torso.  (Actually, I have long thighs, if it weren't for them I would be more balanced and 2 inches shorter).  I then bought Gok's book "How to work your wardrobe" (well at £3.99 in a discount book store it seemed rude not to!).  And he has some good pointers for building a wardrobe.

So armed with this info, my mission is to update my wardrobe and get me out of my jeans.  I have gaps in my wardrobe, considerable gaps actually (did I say that I only wear jeans and t-shirts?!)  That being said, I really need to get in touch with my friend to get my bodice block toile checked for fit  and I will be off.

I just need to find all the fabric I have ideas for.  Now that is a different story!

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