Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Year, New Aims

Well, apologies for the belated wishes, but Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you all enjoyed your festivities.  Ours were relaxed and fairly quiet, which was welcome following the mayhem that was work.

Well it is a new year and it is time for (and I hesitate in saying the word) resolutions.  I used to set the ones that I guess most of us do.....get fit, lose weight, but I never did so I stopped making them.  However this year, I am setting myself aims.  I need quite a few things to change and my aim is make those changes.

In that vein, I have sewing aims too.  I failed miserably last year on what I wanted to do sewing-wise, so new year=new start.  I am still struggling with my wardrobe, but I have started the 40+ New Year Style Challenge and it is proving to be an interesting journey.  As I have commented previously, I love my jeans and indeed wear them most of the time.  I don't need a fancy wardrobe as I work from home and have a family, so jeans suit my lifestyle.  I would like to smarten up a bit though and just get out of my jeans occasionally.  But what is interesting is that I have learned that my style is Natural Elegance, so I have decided that rather denigrate my love of jeans, embrace them, they are what I am.  I also have a fear of pattern (one of our tasks was to put together outfits with at least 2 patterns in, it brought me out in hives, I tell you!), but actually, it is a really fab way of livening up an outfit, and I have also found out that I tend to favour a monochrome colour style, and tend to wear shades of one colour.  So I have a few things to work on, such as introducing more pattern and colour into my wardrobe.

I do still want to smarten up my wardrobe, so my aim is to make my skirt block, and also my trouser block.  My summer wardrobe is lacking in trousers and my winter wardrobe is lacking in skirts (well, jeans to count as trousers, don't they?).  I like clothes that can be multi-purpose, ie they can be dressed up and dressed down (which is why jeans are so a staple in my wardrobe), so I need to make some trousers that can be used for smart casual for work, but can then be used when I go out on the town with my girls.  I'm also looking make a few tops that fit that bill too.  I am also lacking in a couple of fancy outfits.  Last year, I had to miss out on the offer of last minute tickets to a ball as Cinders here had not a thing to wear.  I don't want to miss out again! (I am a sucker for a posh frock and champagne do!). However rather than do it all hap-hazardly, I need to work on building a whole wardrobe and not just bits and pieces and hope they all go together.  Coletterie are about to run their own style challenge: The Wardrobe Architect  so I shall be taking part in that.  Come back and see my progress.

I also want to practice certain techniques, rolled hems being one of them.  I can tend to do them by hand, but sometimes for speed, a machine-rolled hem is the only way to go and mine aren't great.  I want to learn to make those wavy, fishing line hems too.  I would also like learn to make corsets.

So quite a few aims there, which will take up a good part of the year, so I'd better aim at finding time to do them!!  So what resolutions, I mean aims have you decided on for 2014?

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